Video, super8 transfer en HD noir et blanc 20min
Wet plate processed photographs (Collodion)

Ancient rituals have always given animals a special place in our society. Dancers, Shaman, and sacred beings are often representations of animals in human form, but certain myths go even further with hybridisation, half man, half animal.

This piece looks at the subject of “Monsters” and their place in our imagination. "Minotauro" was filmed in the French National Natural History Museum in Paris. The head of the Aurochs (the original bull painted in the Lascaux caves) was naturalised in a way that it could be worn by a person.

The entire taxidermy process is shown in the film and Serge Bahuchet, the director of the Eco-Anthropology and Ethno-Biology laboratory is interviewed on the relationship between man and animal. Finally the bull’s head is put on for the “dance”.